Suppliers of Strophanthin (Ouabain) and Digitalis


There are many sources where you can get cardiac glycosides drugs like digitalis (digoxin, digitoxin, etc).

However, traditional manufacturers like Roche, Merck, Boehringer, Abbot and Nativelle are not producing intravenous strophanthin anymore. Strophanthin is also know as Ouabain. An alternative solution is to buy strophanthin/ouabain directly from:


1) Schlossapotheke in 56068 Koblenz, Schlossstra▀e 17, Tel. 0049 26118439. Fax. 0049 26112449.

Email:, Contact: Dr. Eichele. Homepage:

2) EMD Millipore 290 Concord Rode 11821 Billerica - MA, US, Tel. 800-6455476 Fax 800-645549

Email , page (Millipore supplies a minimum quantity of 1 gm. This quantity needs to be diluted, in order to fit the dosage prescribed by Dr. Quintiliano de Mesquita!!!)


Please see the articles referring to strophantin/digitalis dosages in Chronic Stable Coronary-Myocardial Disease, in Unstable angina and in the Infarcting Clinical Picture at the Myogenic Theory webpage.