Boycotted Drug Replaces
Coronary Bypass Surgery


Quintiliano H. de Mesquita, M.D.

Coronary Bypass Surgery and/or Angioplasty? Neither Think Nor Submit!!
Your Heart Can and Must be Treated With the Right Therapeutic Represented
by Cardiotonic Drugs

The Book

       This book tells the history of the Myogenic Theory of the Myocardial Infarction (MI) developed by the author in 1972 as a new explanation for its origin. The compatible therapeutics according the Myogenic Theory  are represented by cardiotonics, functioning in clinical practice as the real anti-infarction drugs to prevent MI in angina pectoris and in treatment of acute myocardial infarction. The cardiotonic drugs  which were used during the past by many doctors with large success in the  MI were abandoned due to its hypothetical damaging action to the heart and contradiction with the Thrombogenic Theory,  supported by the dominant medical science.
      Today's the cardiotonics use is reinforced by the Myogenic Theory.
      According to the author, the cardiotonics use  gives the necessary guarantee for  the functional preservation of the myocardium during the MI and in the prevention of myocardial infarction to long term in a stable, beneficial and prolonged survival for many years.
      Professor Mesquita's proposal didn't meet a good reception inside of the ortodox cardiology surroundings, causing instead anti-ethical and anti-scientific attitudes aside of professional disregards by many of theirs representatives, showing a total disinterest and accomodation about the therapeutical progress, marked by repeated attempts of boycott regarding to publish, in presentations  and discussions  about the Myogenic Theory and Cardiotonic Therapeutic.
      Nevertheless the author was distinguished in Germany with the Ernst Edens Traditionspreis by the International Society for Infarct Combat  (1975) and with a special report from the Bunte Magazine in 1980 by Peter Schmidsberger:
"In this Manner a Brazilian Doctor Fights Heart Attack"

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