10 Commandments Which Guarantee a Stable and Beneficial Future for the Coronary Heart Disease Patients


Quintiliano H. de Mesquita, M.D.


The patient must eliminate:

1 The initial deception in front of coronary heart disease diagnosis

2 The exhaustion of interest about his life

3 The apprehension

4 The fear of near infarction

5 The fear to die during the sleep

6 The smoking and drinking habits

7 The risk factors effect: obesity, hypertension, diabetes, infections, unrestricted food, exaggeration in physical conditioning, physical and psycho-emotional stress and physical efforts during the digestive period

8 The myocardial infarction risk, keeping permanently and for lifetime protection the cardiotonics as the specific anti-infarction drugs associated to coronary dilators and ACE inhibitors

9 Any insinuation regarding coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty solutions having in his mind that therapeutics by cardiotonics are sufficient and specific, knowing that its efficacy was proved in practice for long years besides resulted in a guarantee of stable, beneficial and prolonged survival for many patients

10 Concerns about the evolutionary process of coronary atherosclerosis since the nature is very wise creating spontaneously and automatically new arterial vessels (natural angiogenesis) forming a rich coronary collateral circulation which partially compensate the deficient main vessel, complemented by the assistance of right and specific medication represented by the cardiotonic plus coronary dilators and ACE inhibitors.