Batista Partial Ventriculectomy Procedure


Quintiliano H. de Mesquita, M.D.


As I can say based in our pioneer case of Left Ventricular Aneurysmectomy*, proposed by us and practiced by Charles P. Bailey in 1954 (Heart Aneurysm: Report of case operated by Bailey, Rev Hospital N. S. Aparecida; 1956:9:151), the recently developed Partial Ventriculectomy Procedure, created and firstly practiced by Randas Vilela Batista, represents a revolutionary advancement in the medical practice.

The Partial Ventriculectomy, in our opinion, shows much more advantages than the problematic cardiac transplant which represents a large surgical procedure but with an uncertain future for the patient because it is limited by rejection factors.

On the other side the Batista Procedure simply remove and correct the cavity excess of the left ventricle, having the purpose to reconstitute its enlarged and debilitated area, in such way to propitiate less working load and less efforts for the heart , leading to a possible physical and functional restoration.

Consequently, we wish all the success to the Partial Ventriculectomy Procedure, by the remarkable contribution as a new way for the cardiac surgery and mainly regarding it is an original and rational discover made by a brazilien Doctor.


*The patient operated by Bailey was our fifth case  of left ventricular aneurysm, after myocardial infarction, inside of an irreversible heart failure picture.